Flow Ratio Controller

- Real-time control of the flow rate across the FRC system after collecting flow information from the FRC Master on individual slave.
- Maintenance of the input set flow rate, regardeless of the ratio.
- Flow rate in proportion to the input is subject to output
1. Control individual rates by distributing flow rates.
2. Flow classification control can be up to 6 channel
3. The flow ratio set value can be user controlled on each slave.
4. Digital Communications: EtherCAT, Device NET, RS-485, Analog.
model MADEE5000s
flow range (N2 Equivalent) 10sccm ~ 50,000sccm (1channel range)
Flow Rate Control Range 0, 3 to 100% (1channel range)
Accuracy ≤± 1.0% of Reading Scale (3~25%), ≤± 2.0% of Set point (25~10%)
Response Time ≤ 3.0 second
Linearity ≤± 0.2% of Full Scale
Repeatability ≤± 0.15% of Full Scale
Normal Operating Pressure
Maximum Operating Pressure 4psiA (200 Torr) / 1psiA (50 Torr)_Outlet pressure between Channel
Valve Shut Down < 2.0% of Channel Full Scale at 500 Torr
Zero Stability
Temperature Coefficient
Leak Integrity ≤ 5 x 10-³ Pa.m³/sec (He)
Control Valve type Normally Open type / Normmally Closed type
Seal type Metal
Digital Interface Analog 0~5 VDC / 4~20mA , Digital RS-485, D-Net, EtherCAT
Power Supply +15~24 VDC, 400mA max
Operation Temperature 5 ~50 °C (Recommended temperature range : 15~35 °C)
Warm-up Time 30 min (Accuracy Guaranteed : 60 min)
Material STS-316L Electro-polished
Pressure Insensitivity
Display type Top mount integrated LCD