MARU3000 series
Digital Mass Flow Controller

MARU3000 series
MARU3000 series is an entry model for the MKP, but its performance is super-normal. MKP tried hard to lower costs while maintaining performance for customer satisfaction, and the product is MARU3000 series.
Performance, such as the accuracy and response speed that MFC should have, is equivalent to the higher model. Equivalent to the higher-end MARU5000 series, it offers reasonable prices, and it is a supernormal with the factors that make it a bestseller.
  • Entry Mass Flow Controller.
  • This series has good performance compared to price.
  • Strong corrosion resistance by bright annealing.
  • Digital Communications: Device NET, RS-485, Analog.
model MARU3000s / 3010s / 3020s/ 3030s / 3040s
flow range (N2 Equivalent) 5 sccm ~ 500 slm
Flow Rate Control Range 5 ~ 100% of Full Scale
Accuracy ≤± 1.0% of Reading Scale (25~100%), ≤± 0.25% of Full Scale (5~25%)
Response Time < 1.0 second
Linearity ≤± 0.2% of Full Scale
Repeatability ≤± 0.15% of FUll Scale
Normal Operating Pressure 50~300 kPa(d)(5 sccm ~ 30 slm), 250~450 kPa(d)(30 slm ~ 200 slm), 300~550 kPa(d)(200 slm ~ 500 slm)
Maximum Operating Pressure 300 kPa(g)(5 sccm ~ 30 slm), 450 kPa(g)(30 slm ~ 200 slm),450~550 kPa(g)(200 slm ~ 500 slm)
Valve Shut Down < 1% of Full Scale
Zero Stability ≤± 0.5% Full Scale per year
Temperature Coefficient 0.01% Full Scale per °C
Leak Integrity ≤ 5 x 10-¹² Pa.m³/sec (He)
Control Valve type Normally Closed Solenoid
Seal type Metal
Digital Interface Analog 0~5 VDC, Digital RS-485, D-Net, EtherCAT
Power Supply +15~24 VDC, 320mA max
Operation Temperature 5 ~50 °C (Recommended temperature range : 15~35 °C)
Warm-up Time 30 min (Accuracy Guaranteed : 60 min)
Material STS-316L Bright annealing / Electro-polished (option)
Pressure Insensitivity
Display type Top mount integrated LCD (EtherCAT)