BARON3000 series
Digital Electronic Pressure Controller

BARON3000 series
Pressure can be adjusted and controlled remotly, without manually adusting the pressure at the site at regular intervals.
In addition, the pressure typically drops as the flow increases, which helps maintain the pressure set by the user.
1. High response speed and accuaracy for pressure regulation control
2. Wide pressure control range
3. PID control for pressure control
4. Strong against moisture and particle
4. Digital Communications: EtherCAT, Device NET, RS-485, Analog.
model BARON3000 series
flow range (N2 Equivalent) 30mTorr ~ 30Torr / 100sccm ~ 50,000sccm
Flow Rate Control Range 2 to 100% of Full scale
Accuracy 1Torr ~ 30Torr : 1.0% of Reading scale / 30mTorr ~ 1Torr : 1.0% of Full Scalce
Response Time ≤ 1.0 second
Normal Operating Pressure 100sccm ~ 10slm, Min D.P : 20psi(D) / 10slm ~ 50slm, MIn D.P : 40psi(D)
Maximum Operating Pressure
Valve Shut Down Metal Valve 1% < of Full scale
Zero Stability
Temperature Coefficient Zero : ±0.05% of Full scale/℃ / Span : ±0.05% of Readlng scale/℃
Leak Integrity ≤ 5 x 10-¹² Pa.m³/sec (He)
Control Valve type
Seal type Metal , PTFE
Digital Interface Analog 0~5 VDC / 4~20mA , Digital RS-485, D-Net, EtherCAT
Power Supply +15~24 VDC
Operation Temperature 5 ~50 °C (32 ~ 122 °F)
Warm-up Time
Material STS-316L Electro-polished
Pressure Insensitivity
Display type Top mount integrated LCD