MARU9000 series
Pressure based Mass Flow Controller

MARU9000 series
MARU9000 Series feature excellent linearity and accurate within ±0.5% of set point, which employ actual gas and rate - of- change verification method, front-end pressure and temperature compensation algorithm

* The table below is a specification table for the representative model, please refer to the catalog for details.
  • Pressure Sensor based Mass Flow Controller (PS MFC)
  • Ultra-fast response time (≤0.5sec)
  • The highest accuracy in the MARU series (≤0.5% of Set point)
  • Strong corrosion resistance by electro polishing surface treatment.
  • Digital Communications: Device NET, RS-485, Analog.
  • Can check various information about MFC by mounted LCD display.
model MARU9000s / 9010s
flow range (N2 Equivalent) 5 sccm ~ 30 slm
Flow Rate Control Range 0.5 ~ 100% of Full Scale
Accuracy ≤± 1.0% of Reading Scale (10~100%), ≤± 0.1% of Full Scale (0.5~10%)
Response Time ≤ 0.5 second
Linearity ≤± 0.2% of Full Scale
Repeatability ≤± 0.3% of Full Scale
Normal Operating Pressure 35 ~ 80psig
Maximum Operating Pressure 100 psig
Valve Shut Down < 0.01% of Full Scale
Zero Stability
Temperature Coefficient ±1 °C (15 ~ 50 °C)
Leak Integrity ≤ 5 x 10-¹² Pa.m³/sec (He)
Control Valve type Normally Closed Solenoid
Seal type Metal Seal
Digital Interface Analog 0~5 VDC, Digital RS-485, D-Net, EtherCAT
Power Supply +15~24 VDC, 300mA max
Operation Temperature 5 ~50 °C (Recommended temperature range : 15~35 °C)
Warm-up Time 30 min (Accuracy Guaranteed : 60 min)
Material STS-316L Electro-polished
Pressure Insensitivity ≤± 2% of F.S up/down to 5psi/sec
Display type Top mount integrated LCD