MKP, The Power of Precision

We will grow as one of the best companies in the field of semiconductor parts to represent Korea through everlasting innovation.
MKP Co., Ltd., is Korea’s first and only company that succeeded in developing and manufacturing MFC (Mass Flow Controller), which is a core part of the procedure of manufacturing semiconductor.
With technologies that have received patent, MFC has been produced in large quantities at our company. While MFC has been relied on 100% foreign products, MKP’s MFC has blown wind of change in Korea’s semiconductor market to be able to stand in the center of today’s market through continuous advancement and challenge.
Now, MKP Co., Ltd., is at its turning point for another important challenge.
Our company is facing a new challenge with the mindset of strengthening size and
stability of the company to become the center of market in 10 years and even later.
We always think about our employees and put effort so that our employees can work in a happy company, a company with dream and overflowing energy.
MKP Co., Ltd., will continue to grow as the best company in the field of semiconductor parts that represents Korea by granting confidence to the employees and sharing better values with the customers while continuously seeking for innovation.
CEO Suk-Hwan JUN